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ESET- IT Security

ESET is an IT security company that offers anti-virus and firewall products such as ESET NOD32. It was founded in 1992. ESET is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, and was awarded the recognition of the most successful Slovak company in 2008, 2009 and in 2010. It plays a significant role in overall Cybersecurity.

  • Industry – Information Technology
  • Solution Deployed – Salesforce CPQ


Generating a Quote and Quote Document for a New Business or a Renewal Deal with the different types discounting was a time-consuming process for the Sales team. Upsell, Cross sell and Down sell flows were too complicated. Legacy system was not been designed to utilize Salesforce OOB features like Contract Management, etc.


Automated discounting along with Salesforce CPQ’s OOB Renewal and Amendment features made ESET sales process quick. As Salesforce CPQ includes all kind of features to support the diverse business scenarios, we have implemented   Sales reps can create Quotes and Quote Documents within a few minutes.


YRC implemented CPQ functionality using OOB features like Subscription Products, Price Rules, Lookup tables for Pricing and Discounting.

Delivered efficient and user-friendly flow for Amendment and Renewal Quote process.

As Pricing and Discounting setup is always plays a crucial role in CPQ implementations, configured List pricing for all the products using a rich functionality in Salesforce CPQ i.e. Price Rule along with Lookup Queries.

ESET has different tiers in Product Discount like Partner, Distributor, Government/Education, etc. Those were implemented through CPQ’s OOB Discounting feature on Quote level like Partner Discount and Distributor Discount.

Along with functional flow, a user friendly and quick UI is always necessary to provide an end user centric solution. All the CPQ features are enabled through the different Lightning Quick Actions.

Sprint 1 – Designed Product structure as per the considerations of client requirements and the CPQ features.

Sprint 2 – Implemented Pricing setup through Lookup Table and Price Rules. For New Business and Renewal have different pricing scenarios and those have been handled through the Price Rules itself as it was very business specific and not being fit to any OOB feature like Block Pricing or Percentage of Total.

Sprint 3 – Designed and implemented solution for Discount structure for New Business, Amend and Renewal deals.

Sprint 4 – Quote Templates and UI part got covered in this sprint.

Scope of Work

  • Team Consisted of – 1 Engagement Manager, 1 CPQ Architect, 1 CPQ Developer, 1 SFDC Developer, 1 Project Co-Ordinator / Tester
  • Analysis for best suited CPQ configuration for different scenarios like Product Structure, Pricing Methods and Discount Structure.
  • Setup Products, Pricing, Discounting and Quote Templates.
  • Setup New Business, Amendment and Renewal flow using Opportunity, Contracts and Subscriptions.
  • CPQ Configuration data and Salesforce Component migration.



ESET is an IT security company that offers anti-virus and firewall products such as ESET NOD32. It was founded in 1992. ESET is headquartered in BratislavaSlovakia, and was awarded the recognition of the most successful Slovak company in 2008, 2009 and in 2010. It plays a significant role in overall Cybersecurity.

  • Location – Pune
  • Employees – 3
  • Industry – Information Technology
  • Solution Deployed – Salesforce, Dell Boomi


Near Real time data movement implementation from NetSuite to Salesforce for License and Account data. Create Dell Boomi process to listen for outbound call and create records into Salesforce. Record creation to multiple objects by handling dependency. Prepare data model with respect to NetSuite metadata in Salesforce.


Configure NetSuite outbound message call to Dell Boomi process. Configure, Deploy and Schedule Dell Boomi process to listen for NetSuite API and create records in respective Salesforce Object. Prepare Salesforce data model to create License and Account data. Allocate the Account to Sales Representatives with respect to region sent in Salesforce Org.


YRC successfully implemented the real time data integration process from NetSuite to Salesforce. This ensure Sales Representatives always having current list of active licenses for their respective Account.

  • Delivery – Once deployed, immediately noticed a significant increase in the responses from Sales Representatives to the Customer.
  • Insights – The just in time data ensure more insights to Sales Representatives helping them to better understand the customer needs.


Scope of work

  • Team consisted of – 1 Engagement Manager, 1 ETL Technical Lead, 1 Salesforce Configurator
  • Creation of custom scripts, ETL processes, Salesforce data model to migrate data.
  • Investigation and selection on the best third-party tool (Dell Boomi) to run the data migration.

TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Software Inc. is an American company that provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on-premises or as part of cloud computing environments. The software manages information, decisions, processes and applications for over 10,000 customers

  • Location – Pune
  • Employees – 4
  • Industry – Information Technology
  • Solution Deployed – Salesforce, Informatica Cloud

YRC successfully migrated data, knowledge articles, notes & attachments on time.


Consolidation of multiple Salesforce Orgs into one. Create ‘Custom Scripts’ to consolidate and migrate metadata to database. Prepare Salesforce Main Org data model and migrate data from multiple legacy Orgs. Due to a large custom app build within Salesforce, the data was contained within over 30 objects and were tightly interconnected. The migration of data needed to be done off business hours, to not have services cut-off for their customers and employees.


Devised method to integrate multiple Source orgs into one efficiently. Metadata export and consolidation was done using centralized database. Then the data enrichment and migration were done using metadata configuration as per source systems to facilitate accurate data upload to target Salesforce org.


YRC successfully migrated all the required data, knowledge articles, notes and attachments for the go-live. There was zero interference with the client’s usual business service.

Using a combination of third-party tools (Informatica Cloud) and scripts, YRC successfully completed the data and attachment migration in 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Migrated data from legacy Salesforce Orgs to staging database (MSSQL 2012). Create scripts for consolidation of object metadata (Fields, Picklist Values etc.)

Phase 2 – Prepare data model and configuration of main Salesforce Org.

Phase 3 – Prepare ETL processes (Informatica Cloud) to migrate data from staging Database to Salesforce.

Phase 4 – Migrate Notes, Attachments, Knowledge Articles to Salesforce using ETL processes (Informatica Cloud) and Data Loader.

Scope of work

  • Team consisted of – 1 Engagement Manager, 1 Technical Lead, 1 Salesforce Configurator, 1 Senior Database Developer
  • Creation of custom scripts, ETL processes, Salesforce data model to migrate data, knowledge articles, attachments & notes from 10 Legacy Orgs to one.
  • Data enrichment where ever is required.
  • Investigation and selection on the best third-party tool (Informatica Cloud) to run the data migration.
  • Migration successfully completed in four phases.

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