Dell Boomi – Heterogenous system integration-MachineQ

MachineQ delivers best-in-class LoRa ® based hardware, enterprise grade software, and expertise to speed up innovation and reduce time to market.

Tools and Technologies – Salesforce Cloud, Dell Boomi, Postgresql (COD), MQ (Web Portal API)

Heterogenous system integration-MachineQ

Task details – MQ creates list of waitlisted subscribers to provide them access to actual system until they accept the agreement. Once the agreement is signed by subscribers they get access to the system with welcome email. The data integration involves 3 systems (COD, MQ, SFDC). Waitlist subscribers fetched from database and then sent to SFDC, MQ as soon as they accept the agreement.

Location – Philadelphia, PA and India

Business Values – End to end system with simple applications for customer. Reduced response time for waitlisted Subscribers to get access. Better interaction with end user.